We have now obtained a building in which to run our programs! We are in need of monetary donations or home improvement store gift cards such as Home Depot or Lowes to purchase materials in order to make the necessary repairs.

You may also mail spare change or Home Improvement Store Gift Cards such as Home Depot or Lowe's Prepaid Gift Cards to:

Remember To ThinkPink

PO Box 10414

Killeen, Texas 76547

We of course thank you for your support and donations! 

To make a donation using PayPal for the RTTP Parent Advocacy Program or for the Every Penny Counts Building Repair Fundraiser,

 you may click the donate button below!

Remember To ThinkPink Headquarters is a 2400 square foot building located in the historical district of downtown Killeen, Texas at 903 N. 2nd St.

Renovations are currently underway with our completion target date of

June 15th, 2016.

Please check back frequently for the announcement of our Community Open House.

                    Our Vision for the Future

Remember To ThinkPink is now OFFICIALLY 501c3 Tax Exempt and we are fundraising that we may fund our RTTP (Remember To ThinkPink) Parent Advocacy Program.

The RTTP Parent Advocacy program will provide a community based program

that will advocate for parents who are going through the CPS (Child Protective Services) process.

Our goal is to offer parent support groups, literature, resources and suggestions based on our experience. We can also attend mediations with parents or go to court with parents so they know they are not alone and they do have support.

We do not give legal advice and it is a voluntary program, but with the parent’s consent we are able to communicate with the CPS caseworkers and legal parties to act as a liaison for parents who have difficulty communicating their needs.

Some additional future goals:

  • A School Supply drive for parents with mental disabilities who decide to finish or continue their education.
  • A t-shirt, underwear, and sock drive for children in impoverished neighborhoods.
  • A resource/literary library for parents who are seeking to increase their knowledge on mental illness, substance abuse, etc.