ThinkPink Theatre-

Remember To ThinkPink Productions is another department of the Remember To ThinkPink Nonprofit Organization’s company structure that allows parents to find a creative outlet utilizing their hidden gifts and talents. This will be a monthly or bi monthly forum which introduces creative writing, poetry, public speaking, and acting to our parents and will allow them opportunities to be cast in our theatrical productions. 

This program promotes healthy, creative outlets to prevent poor decision making due to stress and anxiety.

For more information on our current production: The Pink Elephant Traveling Stage HERE

Toys from TiTi-

Our annual toy drive for parents who have children between the ages of newborn to 16 years. This is a toy drive not only for children who are less fortunate but for families. We know that Christmas is a very stressful time for parents who want to make sure their children have a great holiday. We hope to alleviate the stress of the holidays by providing new toys for their children.


Caring Connections-

Supervised Visitation Services provided by a trained, former CASA worker which will adhere to CPS visitation guideline.

The supervised visits will be documented and include, but are not limited to:

Behavior management and alternative forms to physical discipline.
The parent-child relationship, including attachment and communication skills.
Nurturance of the children, and;
the child’s reaction to the parent or caregiver.
Each scheduled visit will also include preparation or notes about the visit, monthly report to the parent’s case worker, appearance or satellite conference in staff meetings for case planning, and may also include an appearance or written report for the courts

In addition to these programs, our trained Parent Advocates can also  provide referrals to other agencies, attend mediations and court hearings as moral support for the parents.

Also informal one-on-one case management is provided after our initial intake process has been approved by RTTP Operative Standards which can include faith based counseling services and individual drug and mental health counseling.

Rock Your Truth-

A 6-8 week support group that focuses on getting to the core reasons why parenting has been challenging task for these parents. This group will feature speakers who have experience in several different areas, allow open sharing from our parents, and will focus on owning your truth, identifying your needs, communicating your needs, and coping with various forms of stress and anxiety. It will also information on making the most out of CPS or other social services and programs, and include “The Pink Elephant in the Middle of the GETTO” BOOK and WORKBOOK.

This program will also focus on healthy relationship choices, substance abuse prevention and treatment, and preventative information on Domestic Violence.

RTTP Parent Advocacy Group Programs & Services

Tickled Pink Coupon Course-

In addition to our traditional budgeting course, RTTP will provide a monthly class taught by an experienced extreme coupon operative. The class will teach parents how to decipher coupons, how to build necessary stock pile items, where to obtain coupons, and also how to network among each other and other coupon groups for items needed. This will give parents more buying power with their allocated funds for household items, food, and clothing.

This program will also support healthy meal choices and promote healthy nutrition in lower economic communities by working with a professional Healthy Meal Subsitutes Specialist.

Keys to Success-

A 5-week program consisting of the five keys we believe parents who face debilitating issues need in order to be successful on their jobs by preparing them for job searches and maintaining their employment and helping them to become self-sufficient, consistent, and effective parents. These five keys include Dress to Impress, Etiquette, Confidence, Goal Setting, and Motivation and will feature a professional clothing closet so that parents will have suitable clothing, not only for job search and employment, but for court as well.

RTTP Protective Parenting Course-

Remember To ThinkPink Nonprofit also adds to our list of programs the Protective Parenting Course.

This program is designed to address issues regarding trauma, abuse, and boundaries in an informal educational and therapeutic setting. Although intensive it is geared towards educating parents on different forms of abuse and neglect, trauma, and preventive measures for future safety of children.

It encourages healthy boundaries, healthy decision-making, and education regarding long lasting effects of abuse.

It also promotes alternatives to physical discipline and its curriculum is compiled from the most current  information from professionals around the world using the State Approved Nurturing Parenting Module.